Parkview Field 3-way granted

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The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission met in Indianapolis today in regular session.  There were some 350+ permits up for approval with only three permits listed separately, “to be discussed”.  One of these permits was for the Parkview Field permit as requested by the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority.

The discussion amounted to, I make a motion that we approve the Parkview Field permit as approved by the local board.  Seconded.  All in favor, aye.  Done deal.  I’m not kidding.  No discussion of the remonstrance, or anything else related to the permit which led one to question why it had been singled out by the Commission.

But it was this way with all of the permits approved.  They were referenced collectively as the list.  I realize that to discuss some 350 permits individually would make the process a bit cumbersome, and this is probably why at the state level, they rely so heavily on the local boards to properly vet and perform due diligence on each application.  However, one wonders what the extra step of this hearing was actually for.

The entire meeting lasted 10 minutes.

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