Parkview Field Video Board installation – photos

Below is a photo gallery from today’s video board installation at Parkview Field.

The Video Board has been undergoing installation at Parkview Field.  The process started yesterday and continued today.  The truck delivering the video board sections was parked on Harrison Street, south of the Embassy Theatre.  A crane lifted the sections off the truck, swung the opposite way from the parking deck and lowered the sections on to the raised area in Robert E. Meyers Park.  From there, the sections were lifted into the air and swung around toward the ballpark and back to the side of the parking deck for mounting to the frame.

When you look at the photos, note the photo of the gentleman standing next to the half-completed video board.  This will give you some idea of the scale of the completed board.  Also of note, a photo of the section sign with the Fort Wayne Daises player.  I also have a video clip of one of the video board sections being lifted into place.  Enjoy!

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For video and stats, see this post.


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