Skating at Reservoir and East Swinney opens today

Ice Skating at Lake Side Park

Note: This photo was from last year’s ice skating at Lakeside Park,
which is not open yet.

Press release from the City:

Lakeside Skating Pond Remains Closed;
Reservoir and E. Swinney ponds will be open starting today

Outdoor athletes will be glad to know that two of the City’s skating ponds will be open today.

The East Swinney Park pond is being cleaned this morning, and hockey goals will be set out by noon. Reservoir Park pond will be cleaned this afternoon, and hockey goals will be set out by 3pm.

Lakeside Pond remains closed and unsafe for skaters. The Red light and flag remain flying at Lakeside.

Staff from the Parks & Recreation Department checks ice conditions daily at E. Swinney, Reservoir and Lakeside ponds. Snow and freezing rain prevented the ponds from being cleaned and opened to skaters soon. Snow acts as an insulating blanket and prevents ice from freezing to a thick enough standard.

More reliable ice is available at Headwaters Park and McMillen Ice Arena during public skating hours. These public skating times are subject to change due to special events, rentals and holidays.

For up-to-date information regarding ice skating and pond ice conditions, please note whether the red lights/ flags that are posted at each outdoor ice skating pond. For additional information, call the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department at 260-427-6000 or visit them on-line.

Stay safe this winter by following the rules and guidelines of the City and the Parks and Recreation Department.

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