1,000th Post

This is the 1,000th post on this blog since November, 2007.  

I wanted to do something special to mark this auspicious occasion and in fact, held the above photo over from last week just for this moment.

The above photo has significance for me beyond the message that was imparted by our now President during that gruelling campaign.  It takes me back to the previous year and the campaign waged by several now-City Council members.  Councilman Mitch Harper was one of those, but it also encompassed Councilwomen Liz Brown and Karen Goldner as well as incumbents Councilmen Tom Smith and John Shoaff.  These councilpersons strongly believe in fair and open government that serves constituents well.  I’m not saying the others on the council do not embrace this principle, as they do, but these five in particular have embraced it as their mission.  It is not something to be said only in front of the media cameras, or only expressed in council meetings, but something to be lived every day.

The other significant message I’ve received from them, is that it’s vitally necessary and appropriate for citizens to be involved in their local government.  Whether it’s simply attending council meetings (or watching them on cable access), the occasional e-mail or phone call – they lobby for citizen involvement frequently and the rewards for those who take up the calling is a great personal satisfaction of not sitting idly by while the world passes.

As I reflect on the previous 999 posts, I’ve not always gotten it right.  I’ve missed some things that at the time didn’t seem important, but later turned out to be.  I strive daily to become a better… uh, blogger.  There – I’ve finally called myself a blogger (are you happy, Karen?).  This reticence to identify myself as a blogger has had to do with my own personal struggle over the negative connotations the media form has.  But rather than dwell on that negativity and allow it to hold me back, I have instead used it as a guiding principle of my own – to do the opposite of controversy, dramatization, innuendo and spinning of the facts for my own agenda.  Rather I try to focus on the facts and present them in a way that hopefully allows you to make up your own mind, or have a better understanding.  You may not always agree, but hopefully, I’ve at least challenged you to examine your own bias and beliefs or if nothing else, to become involved in our local government.

This has been an interesting journey for me.  For a while, I became caught up in that negativity and spin.  But, I didn’t like it and found it limiting in many respects.  So, this is where I’m at – at this stop along that journey.  This could evolve into something else, my feelings could change down the road, but I always hope to share with you those things that intrigue me in a truthful intelligent way and those things that happen daily in our wonderful community.  And, I must be doing something right, for my monthly blog statistics are trending upward at a constant rate of increase.

Thanks to all for your continued support!  And thanks to Councilman Harper for allowing me to use the above photo.

The cake and cookies were from the Waynedale Bakery.



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