NIPSCO Remediation

Work has begun on the NIPSCO remediation project at the Don Hall’s Old Gas House Restaurant and Takoka.  From the NIPSCO website for the project:

Environmental conditions were evaluated at the former Fort Wayne manufactured gas plant site in a series of investigations from the mid-1990s through 2006. The studies found coal tar and tarry soil below the surface in areas where plant structures were once located. The sediment of the St. Mary’s River next to the site also has impacts. Laboratory analysis detected organic compounds typically found at former manufactured gas sites in the groundwater, which moves toward the river.

In 1994 and 1996, material was excavated from the remnants of plant structures (known as gas holders) below parking lots on both sides of Superior Street. The foundations were backfilled with clean soil brought to the site and the parking lots were repaved.

The studies included an assessment of risks to health and the environment. They determined that risks to public health were low because people were not coming into contact with hazardous substances in the soil, air, or water to a degree that would be considered harmful. However, conditions at the site do not meet environmental standards that are designed to protect health and the environment.

NIPSCO and Haley & Aldrich, its engineering consulting firm, have designed a remedy for remaining impacts on that portion of the site north of Superior Street where most of the MGP residues exist. The work will be performed in the winter of 2009.

The Headwaters Park Ice Rink will remain opened during the remediation.

The NIPSCO remediation project website – Project Fact Sheet

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