How Do You Rate The City’s Response To The Ice?

Whew!  What a rough patch we’ve had recently in the Fort.  But, I think you have to admit, the City handled itself rather positively.  When you consider the sheer volume of tree limbs and clean-up we’re left with from the weekend’s ice storm, and problems created, I personally think the City’s response went far beyond being merely adequate.  I also appreciated Mayor Tom Henry’s involvement, re – visiting the temporary shelters, appearing on television with encouraging words, making a commitment to extending 3-1-1 hours without having the funds allocated.  Also, let’s not forget the City Council’s initiative in allocating some of its CEDIT dollars to clean-up efforts.  Too often, we only talk about the negatives.  I think this an excellent opportunity to stress our City and its leadership’s positives!  Please feel free to leave a comment about any experiences you had with the City’s response and/or handling of this crisis.


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  1. The City was in our neighborhood several times Sunday, trimming branches away from electrical lines and checking on things in general. We visited the shelter at the Coliseum Monday night and stayed until Tuesday morning. Our power was restored Monday afternoon, but we were gratefl for the availability – as well as city’s response to the pet problem. Grate job, CITY!


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