New AFW Post Series – City Council Revealed

Quite frequently in City Council meetings, we learn interesting things, hear spell-binding anecdotes or other plain ol’ astounding tidbits.    With that in mind, I’m initiating a new series.  We’ll call it, ‘City Council Revealed’.  Sometimes, the posts will be about serious facts and sometimes, as in today’s posts, humorous items.  The first item deals with Tim Pape and his word for the day, “Hutzpah!”


This clip was filmed November 25th 2008 at the end of the Regular Session.  A few days before this, Allen County revealed it was considering raises for most Allen County employees, including elected officials and the County Commissioners.  Remember during the budget hearings when Allen County Auditor Lisbeth A. Blosser sent a letter to the City Council suggesting they reduce the 2009 City budget by 3%?  That and bridge financing figure into Pape’s comments as well.  I was truly surprised he didn’t find a way to work the 9-1-1 Consolidation into the mix as well.

Our next moment of levity grew out of comments made by Councilwoman Goldner.  The Council was on their fifth ordinance approving expenditures for chemicals used in producing city water.  Councilwoman Goldner related her recent experience in her hometown at not being able to get her hair clean and how much it made her appreciate Fort Wayne water.  The revelation comes directly after the vote on the ordinance when you’ll hear Councilman Mitch Harper reveal another Councilman’s similar dilemma. 

mp3 file – Councilman Harper reveals another Councilman’s dilemma

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