Plan Commission: No To Executive Committee

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I was unable to attend Monday’s session of the Fort Wayne Plan Commission, but an article in Tuesday’s Journal Gazette, by Ben Lanka, reports that it won’t be using the Executive Committee funciton as the County does.

The commission Monday voted unanimously to abandon the idea of forming the group after its president discussed the idea with the Allen County Plan Commission.

[…] The county’s committee is five of the nine members of the full plan commission. It can approve certain development requests, although it takes unanimous approval of the present members to keep a request from going before the full county commission.

Awareness of the group has increased recently because of its involvement with the contentious Canyon Cliffs development in northern Allen County. Last month, the executive committee approved a revised version of the development. The project now requires no further approval from the plan commission, despite only three members of the executive committee attending the meeting.

Several city plan commission members were critical of the use of an executive committee last month. Tom Smith, also on the Fort Wayne City Council, said no subcommittee of a group should be a quorum of the entire group.

Zuber said she believed the county would continue its use of an executive committee.

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