Fort Wayne City Council Meeting

The Fort Wayne City Council in Regular Session

The Fort Wayne City Council met tonight in Committee Session.  There were only three ordinances on the agenda, the first being the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge as covered here.  The other two concerned amending the Holiday Time procedure for City Employees and repairs to a Carbon Slurry Tank.  Both were passed out of committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation.  The Holiday Time ordinance involved taking away a “floating holiday”  which could result in a savings of $200,000 to 210,000.  Final vote will next Tuesday, October 28th.  The budget hearing was right after the committee meeting – look for a budget hearing recap tomorrow or Thursday here on the blog.

mp3 audio file Audio file of the City Council Committee Meeting

After the budge hearing, however, the meeting was opened up to City Council members for comment.  City Councilman Tim Pape talked about a letter the Council received from Allen County Auditor Lisbeth A. Blosser.  It was a letter from the Allen County Council suggesting the City Council reduce the City’s budget by 3%.  He asked if any of the other Council members would like to join him in asking the County Council what cuts they would like the City to make.  He also went on to talk about bridge repairs and funding for them.  I’ll let you listen to the audio portion here, more on this tomorrow after I research a few things.

mp3 audio file Councilman Tim Pape’s Bridge Comments

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  1. I’m really tiring of this tit for tat Pape is doing with the county. County government is a farce – we get it. Now can we stop the grandstanding and get back to business?

    These budget discussions have been nearly a total waste of time. I left an hour in to yesterday’s discussion because it was quite clear the council was going to continue the nickel and dime talks and not start the serious policy discussions needed to cut our budget.

    And now, in one week, they are going to figure it all out? I’m skeptical to say the least. The mayor has no intentions of engaging the council in serious talks over budget cuts.

    That’s unfortunate as the council is not in the best position to make the most efficient cuts…


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