Michelle Obama At Headwaters Park Wednesday

Michelle Obama.  Image taken from www.obama.com

I have learned that Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, will be speaking at Headwaters Park on Wednesday. This is confirmed. The only thing not confirmed is the exact time, however, I’ve been told to go with 1:00 pm. They are expecting a crowd of upwards of 5,000 persons, so it will an exciting, crowded time! This will mark her second appearance in Headwaters this year, and her third visit to Fort Wayne.Senator Obama has been to Fort Wayne once twice before as well as Senator Hillary Clinton at Headwaters Park earlier and a second location two other locations as well. Former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton, separately as well. Only ones that have not been here – Senator Joe Biden, Governor Sarah Palin or Senator John McCain. At this point, McCain had better get here quick if he wants to be at Headwaters Park as Ice Rink construction will begin Thursday morning. It had to be gladly postponed from Monday for this event. Obama - Biden '08.  Logo from www.obama.com

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  1. Hi Karen,

    This will be her second visit as featured speaker, but if I’m not mistaken, and there’s a good chance I am, I believe she appeared with Barack and the girls at Headwaters Park earlier in the year before the Primary. I do have Barack’s visits wrong as he has been at Headwaters Park and Wayne High School, so he’s currently at two visits.

    Wow! What a great mistake to make – miscounting visits Presidential Campaigners have made to FORT WAYNE INDIANA!



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