Voter Registration Deadline Today – 10/6/2008

Just a reminder, today is the last day to register to be able to vote in November’s General Election.  It’s important that you get out there and register, then follow through and vote!  If you don’t – no griping rights for the next Presidential/Governor terms!  Visit either the Indiana Statewide Voter Registration website here, or the Allen County Board of Voter Registration for more details.  You may reach the Allen County office via the telephone by dialing, 449-7154.

Also, I believe “Absentee-in-person” voting begins tomorrow as well.  Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Karen Goldner (D-2nd) has posted on the Allen Couty Democratic Party Blog that the campaign for change is hosting a mini event tomorrow called, “Hungry for Change?”  They will be meeting at the Obama/Jill Long Thompson for Governor headquarters at 904 South Calhoun at 11:45 am.  They will then walk to the City County Building to vote, stopping for a snack somewhere.

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