City Council Budget Hearings

The Fort Wayne City Council in Regular Session

The Fort Wayne City Council will be conducting 2009 Budget Hearings over the next few weeks.  Not all departments will receive a review in front of the Council.  Because of the enormity and quantity of the budgets, the City Council will only be looking at the larger of the budgets.  The process should be fascinating to watch and also one in which anything can and probably will happen.  The following departments will meet with the Council on these dates:

October 7th – Metro Human Relations, City Clerk, Parking Enforcement
October 14th – Police, Communications, Fleet and Salary Ordinance
October 21st – Parks Dept., Board of Public Works, Traffic Engineering & Mayor.


  1. Stephen – Some of us feel that council needs an up-to-date report on The Harrison from Barry Real Estate and the hotel from White Lodging BEFORE looking at next years city budget – due to the possible impact that could be caused by the unplanned events happening in this boondoggle. How about some of your readers?


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