IT Contract Presentations and Audio

The Fort Wayne City Council

I have obtained the presentations made by Clifford Clarke, Fort Wayne CTO, and Karen Goldner, City Councilwoman.  Ms. Goldner’s presentation is available as either a webpage or Power Point presentation.  Mr. Clarke’s presentation was given to me as a pdf file.  The Journal Gazette is also providing a copy of a presentation on the contract here.  This give those who wish to follow the audio recording something to follow with.  The audio recording may be downloaded here. 

Fort Wayne Politics Posts and video clips:
IT Contract Held But Will Likely Pass Next Week
Goldner Presentation Against IT Contract
Tim Pape Grills City CTO Regarding IT Contract
Harper Speaks About Overuse Of Consultants During IT Contract Discussion

Media Coverage:
City holds off on deal with French firm – Journal Gazette
Another presentation on the contract – Journal Gazette (I am thinking this wasn’t authored by the JG, but provided to them, although nothing in the documentation or links proves this.)
Vote delayed for info tech outsourcing – News-Sentinel

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