IT Contract Held

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council approved a motion by Councilman Tim Pape to hold the ATOS Origin IT contract until next Tuesday.  Those voting in favor of the holdover included: Marty Bender, Karen Goldner, Mitch Harper, Tim Pape, John Shoaff and Tom Smith.  Voting against holding the contract: Liz Brown, Tom Didier and Glynn Hines.  Some of the reasons for holding the contract included missing appendices, incorrect passages in the contract and the feeling the Council had that they were being told they had no choice but to pass the contract.  Reasons for the missing sections in the contract were that they weren’t missing, but could be found in the RFP – they just needed to be transferred over to the contract.  The Council was told they would have the missing information and a list of anything that couldn’t be resolved by next Tuesday in hopes it would be approved that evening.

It was impressive to see the Council in action tonight and each member should be congratulated for doing their homework and thinking this through.  The surprising thing is that the Allen County Council passed a contract of this magnitude earlier in the week and the Commissioners are expected to sign their part possibly this Friday.  It’s only a minor delay however, look for the contract to be approved next week, barring any further missing information or surprises.

MP3 Audio File of the discussion MP3 File of the ATOS Contract Discussion (148 mb)

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