3 Rivers Federal Credit Union Bed Race

The 2008 Three Rivers Festival Logo

The Three Rivers Festival Bed Race went off without a hitch this evening.  Unlike last year, this year’s race started on time with the parade.  (Last year, it started early and some people missed the parade completely.)

The Grand Champion, for the second year in a row, was the DeBrand Chocolate team.

Best Decorated Unit was the Army Guys, although they weren’t officially Army Guys.

Indiana News Center’s entry. Yes, that’s Linda Jackson clowning at the controls.

I was visiting with one of Fort Wayne’s finest when Eric Clabaugh approached asking if we had anything sharp.  Well, this was the first day in months that I actually remembered to put my pocket knife in my pocket before leaving the apartment.  (I usually don’t remember it until I get somewhere and need it and don’t have it.)  Being the quick thinker that I am, I said, “Sure.  I’ll let you borrow it if you all pose for me.”  Hence the following photo:

 What a great bunch!

Last but not least, a photo of the FWPD’s new three-wheelers:

I was able to get behind the controls, although the T-3 wasn’t running to pose for a photo of my own.  I’ll keep that one to myself.

I apologize for the lack of great photos from the race, but I was only able to slip down there for a few minutes, right before the parade started.  Look for a few more of the crowds and entries later this week or next.

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