Misener Electronics Moving

Misener's new location

Mike Harvey over at Beach Volleyball in Fort Wayne has a post about Misener Electronics Moving from their current location near the River City complex into the above building at 500 Coombs Street.  If you haven’t had time to check out the scene at River City lately, drive out and see what’s going on.  A lot of clean up is in progress on the surrounding properties and what has been revitalized has been done so to realize it’s fullest potential.


  1. Thanks! Actually, the revitalization has been going on for awhile. New people will come back and say (besides “What a great place to hide a dead body!”), “It’d be great if they’d just clean it up.” But it’s never looked better!

    Well, I’m wrong… it has looked better. There’s a lot of things laying around outside right now (but it’s getting cleaned up). There’s a cell phone tower going up on the other side of the bar. Come visit that! I’m just kidding.

    But it’s been 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. The golf course looks great though and was several steps forward. I’m trying to take 5 steps forward by adding 2 more courts and trying to make it look nicer. It isn’t there yet but it’s coming…

    A common theme of many of the structures on the property is that it may not look that good on the outside, but on the inside it looks very good to great. Look inside the River City Bar and Grill… the beach courts… the golf clubhouse… and at least a couple of the other structures… (I haven’t been in them all yet).

  2. Hi Mike! I’m still planning on getting over and checking things out. I was out there last weekend and couldn’t believe how much the surrounding area has been cleaned up since the first of the year.


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