BBQ Ribfest: Hometown Guys

The 11th Annual BBQ Ribfest

Louie’s Hickory Smoked BBQ stand at the BBQ Ribfest

In this year’s BBQ Ribfest, there’s ONLY one hometown entry – Louie’s Hickory Smoked BBQ.  There might be some other local vendors selling everything but BBQ, but Louie’s is it – and a great representation for the Fort!

I can tell you from personal, first hand experience that their ribs are excellent!  The portion I tried was a bit hot for my liking (they had a more mild sauce available, but I took what they had at the moment) but the meat was tender and juicy.  I definitely knew I’d had ribs!

Their restaurant is located on the Southwest corner of Runnion and Sinclair Streets.  Some of you may remember this as the home of Saylor’s Pizza.  However, the guys shared that this also used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  That area of Runnion Street is the remnants of what one can only guess used to be a thriving commercial area.  In fact, just to the south of Louie’s sits an old Texaco gas station that is now a grocery store.  (Photos have been taken, but are being saved for a day when I have nothing else to post.) 

So support the local guys – show up, buy some ribs and cast your vote in favor of Louie’s!

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