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Above is a card announcing an exclusive event to promote the condominiums at The Harrison.  The card is being mailed by Martin Goldstine Knapke to prospective buyers.  Everyone that attends will have a chance to win a 42″ flat screen TV as well as up to 5% off the purchase of a condo.  The fine print, however, reads that you have to purchase a condo to win the prize.  I’m wondering if this isn’t a misprint.  Perhaps the asterisk should only have appeared on the 5% off part of the sentence rather than both places as printed.  Either way, hmmmm, spend $149,000 to $349,000 (not including the financing charges) and possibly receive a 42″ flat screen TV?  Personally, I think most people that could afford this kind of spending probably already have 3 or 4 flat screens already.  Here’s a thought: win the flat screen tv and give it someone who doesn’t have one – like me!  Five percent off the purchase price, $7,450 up to $17,450, might be an enticement to some because now you’re talking real money.  And what’s up with that, “up to 5% off…” statement?  Sounds pretty arbitrary to me.  I wish them well with the promotion, but I don’t think this is going to be enough.

Thanks to Mitch Harper for the scan. 

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