Last Night’s Spectacular Sunset

A severe thunderstorm passed through the area last evening shortly before sunset.  I didn’t even think about the possibility of a rainbow last night, so for the most part I missed the one that appeared.  HOWEVER, the rainbow was nothing compared to the colors visible in the skies over downtown Fort Wayne last evening.  It was fascinating to watch the progression of the palette of colors kaleidoscoping over the city.

Please note that the photos I am sharing have not been digitally enhanced outside of the usual cropping, angle adjustment or “sharpening” that I do.  The only adjustments to the camera involved the white balance and film speed.  Digitally manipulating images can produce some sharp photos, but this goes to show what the right atmospheric conditions can produce.  I am including six photos in this post, the rest of the set, some 21 photos are linked to at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Complete Photo Set

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