National Ride to Work Week

On Tuesday afternoon, Mitch Harper, City Councilman 4th District, will be riding his Trek on a trek to the City County Building for the Fort Wayne City Council meeting.

The week of May 12 to May 16 has been designated as National Ride to Work Week by the League of American Bicyclists. May is National Bike Month.  Harper states that he, “Wants to do a small part to highlight the recreational and safety aspects of bicycling.”  His starting point will be the Village of Coventry at I-69 and W. Jefferson. Time of start will be somewhat dependent on the weather.

The goals of National Bike Month are:

  • Goal #1 Motorists Will Share the Road
  • Goal #2 Bicyclists Will Ride Safely
  • Goal #3 Bicyclists Will Wear Helmets
  • Goal #4 The Legal System Will Support Safe Bicycling
  • Goal #5 Roads and Paths Will Safely Accommodate Bicycling

Visit the League of American Bicyclists official website      Mitch Harper, photo courtesy of Fort Wayne Observed

Photo of Mitch Harper courtesy of Fort Wayne Observed.

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