Imagine Schools on Broadway Repairs?

A Martins crane has been positioned at the old Emmaus Lutheran Church along the Broadway and Creighton Avenue insterction. The main steeple has been in need of repairs for some time. The Church was recently taken over by Imagine Schools.


  1. Steve – I understand that both steeples will be coming down – Imagine wants the facility to shed it’s look as a church building.

  2. Hi John, many thanks for the info!

    That would explain why I saw 3 other people during my short visit, also taking photos of the building. I can imagine it is hard for people who grew up in that church to see those kinds of choices being made.

    The building is in need of many repairs and hopefully this is the first of many. I’d rather see some minor changes made to a landmark structure like this than have it demolished.

    It was good to see you at the Redevelopment meeting tonight! Good job speaking.


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