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2013 Festival of Gingerbread

History Center announces Festival of Gingerbread winners

The History Center has announced winners of the 28th annual Festival of Gingerbread competition.

Emmaus Bell Recessional – Photos added

Removal of the bells from the former Emmaus Lutheran Church at Creighton Avenue and Broadway has begun. The bells are going to be moved...

Imagine Schools on Broadway – 5/30/2008

More of the bell tower on the former Emmaus Lutheran Church has been removed.  The bells will be removed and used by Emmaus Lutheran in...

Imagine Schools on Broadway – 5/28/2008

Webmaster's note: My apologies, I inadvertantly saved this as a draft instead of posting it.  It should have posted Wednesday, May 28, 2008. The main steeple...

Imagine Schools on Broadway – 5/27/2008

Work continues on removal of the main steeple of the old Emmaus Lutheran Church at Broadway and Creighton Avenue.

Imagine Schools on Broadway – Latest Progress

Progress on the steeple removal of the former Emmaus Lutheran Church building at Broadway and Creighton Avenue continues.  The Church is being renovated into Imagine...

Imagine Schools on Broadway Repairs?

A Martins crane has been positioned at the old Emmaus Lutheran Church along the Broadway and Creighton Avenue insterction. The main steeple has been...