Hunt Club Fire Last Night

Chad Ryan has posted some thought provoking words and photos about last night’s Hunt Club Fire.  You may read the post here.  I hope this is a reminder to everyone who is a renter that renter’s insurance is available.  I’ve had mine for years, probably over a decade.  Luckily, I’ve never had to use it, however, in a situation like a fire, it would be nice to have the security of knowing you’re covered.


  1. My husband was at that fire last night with his FD. The most remarkable thing to say is that the FWFD practically ran out of water before they called in for backup from South West Fire District and Aboite FD.

    The arrogance of the FD thinking they have everything they need and all the training they need to cover the newly incorporated Aboite area with fire service is placing residents in Aboite in danger. If they had called for backup earlier, before they ran out of water, who knows if the fire damage would’ve been as bad as it ended up.

    Fort Wayne Fire Department needs to review their protocol for the Aboite area and update training, equipment, or backup protocol as necessary.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your comment. It will be interesting to see if the media picks up on the running out of water thing. I wondered about that when I saw pictures of the portable tank that had been set up close to the scene and then the comments about water problems.

    I am glad your husband and all the other firefighters safely extinguished the fire. I also appreciate your comments!


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