Hillary Clinton Visit Friday 3/26/2008

Update 3/27/2008 @ 3 PM: According to the Journal Gazette, Clinton will be at Sara’s Family Restaurant at 5792 Coventry Lane at 6 PM.  Seating will be extremely limited, first come first served. 

Update 3/27/2008 @ 6 PM: WANE-TV is reporting the restaurant seats 90.  There will be a tent outside with a video feed.  The reason for the smaller venue is for a more intimate atmosphere to allow Clinton to get to know people. 

Start of Rant: What are the Clinton people thinking?  They send Bill to campaign on her behalf in a limited-seating room that was perhaps a third of the total venue, she comes to the second largest city in Indiana - a State that hasn’t felt involved in the Presidential campaign for decades - with a population of 230,000+ to visit a restaurant that seats 90, and that will saddle our City with more expenses related to providing security when we’re faced with possible cuts due to our Governor’s tax reform package (if the Clinton campaign can afford to pay WANE-15 for the satelite time to do an interview, I would think they could chip in a bit to help out with the security expense)  and you want us to be excited?  End of Rant  Ok, so I am excited, but a bigger venue would be nicer!

Sara's Family Restaurant at 5792 Coventry Lane

Original post, posted 3/26/2008: According to Indiana News Center and WANE-TV, Hillary Clinton will be in Fort Wayne to campaign.  Mitch Harper at Fort Wayne Observed has posted partial details of her schedule on Friday, you may read it here.  WANE-TV puts her in Fort Wayne around 5 PM.

Blog post and photos from Bill Clinton’s visit and also, WOWO has podcasts available of Clinton’s speech here – excellent quality.

What an exciting time to be in Indiana!  Now they come crawling back to us!  HA!  Who knows, before this is over, we may even see Obama in the City as well.  And remember, Mark Mellinger made John McCain promise to come to Fort Wayne if elected.

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