Former President Bill Clinton visits Fort Wayne

A selection of photos from tonight’s visit by former President Bill Clinton to the Grand Wayne Center on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps I’m wrong on this, but it felt great to be treated as a citizen who does have a say in the Presidential contest this year.  It seems as if all we hear through our media is the rhetoric, name-callings and scandals rather than platforms and real solutions to issues.  While I don’t agree with every view Clinton espoused, it was great to see this orator speak again. 

I didn’t quite know what to expect at tonight’s visit regarding security.  I remember attending a presidential visit in Lima Ohio in 1985 by then President Ronald Reagan.  Security was tight, bags were searched and cameras checked to make sure they were actually cameras.  (Of course, he was a sitting President so it should have been different.)  Police went up and down the lines several times giving everyone the once over.  Then, right before entering the meeting room, several police were once again going over the crowd visually. 

I arrived at 4:00 at the Grand Wayne Center and it was just in the nick of time.  The crowd waiting doubled in size during the next half hour.  Everyone was excited, yet in typical Fort Wayne fashion, calm and collected.  Once the line began moving, things went pretty quickly.  I entered the room to find a seat at the back right in front of the press box.  In fact, I sat behind Mark Mellinger of WANE-15 and could see him doing some live spots from the GWC.  I spoke briefly with Jeff Pruitt of the Fort Wayne Politics Blog fame.  All in all, a great night!

Indiana State Representative Win Moses worked the crowd,
signing autographs, posing for photographs and shaking hands.

Indiana State Representative Win Moses

Kevin Knuth, former Allen County Democratic Party Leader,
who was spotted dancing around the room several times.  To the right of Knuth
is Fort Wayne Public Works Director Bob Kennedy.  In this vicinity sat Sandra Kennedy
Fort Wayne City Clerk and Tina Taviano, Communications Director for the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Kevin Knuth, former Allen County Democratic Party Leader

Signs of support for Hillary Clinton

Signs of support

Former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan speaks with President Bill Clinton and Mayor Tom Henry on his left.
Kernan apologized for not getting the message about wearing a jacket.

Former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan speaks with President Bill Clinton and Mayor Tom Henry on his left

President Bill Clinton Speaks

President Bill Clinton Speaks

President Bill Clinton Speaks

 President Bill Clinton leaves Fort Wayne.  He waved on his way out to his vehicle and waved at everyone gathered to see him off.

President Bill Clinton leaves

PS – I’m sitting here with the Letterman Show on in the background.  His guest right now is Al Franken who is running for something.  Anyway, it almost sounds like a replay of Clinton’s speech tonight.  “No Child Left Behind isn’t working.”  “We need Universal Health Care,” and so forth.

Photo Set of the Former President’s visit

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