Headwaters Park Ice Rink Hours

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<!– The Ice Rink at Headwaters Park is back to normal hours. 

Admission Rates

$3 Ages 13 and under
$5 Age 14 and up
$2 Skate Rental, in needed
Visitors Free
Free Parking
(in the lot South of the Lincoln Financial Pavilion)


Monday through Thursday: 3 to 8 PM
Friday and Saturday: noon to 10 PM
Sunday: noon to 8 PM

Kids skate free on Fridays!
Skate rental fee applies.

For more information about season passes, single session
passes and skating lesson gift certificates, or other
questions, contact the rink office at 422-7625
or the Headwaters Park Alliance office at 425-5745

For special party packages, call 420-0406

Map of Headwaters Park – 303 S Clinton St Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Latest updates

 Look for information about upcoming events on Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day and the annual Komet’s Day!


Just to give an update, it was a wild week at the ice rink.  If you remember, the week before saw single digit temperatures.  When it became apparent that we were headed for a drastic change in weather, work on building the ice sheet up commenced.  Going into the warmer weather, the ice remained in good condition, although wet at times.  However, Monday evening, during one of the thunderstorms, the electricity briefly went out at the Park which shut the chiller down.  It wasn’t noticed until later after the ice had begun to melt.  Up until that point, the ice had remained in good condition.  This was rectified, but the warm weather took a toll on the ice.  The temperatures finally went down enough at night to allow the rink to refreeze and remain frozen. 

Then on Thursday evening, a skater intentionally broke through the ice to sever 2 tubing lines that carry the coolant through the ice sheet.  There was coolant gushing almost 8 feet into the air.  This presented a hazard in itself as glycol is extremely slick and you put it on an ice sheet and it’s worse than you can imagine.  After repairs were made to the tubing, the ice had to be hosed down and actually cleaned with cleaners to remove all traces of the glycol.  No ice was lost in during this downtime and normal operations have resumed. –>

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