Top 2007 AFW Photos – #31

Happy New Year to everyone!  I started compiling a list of my top 10 favorite photos taken in the 2007 calendar year.  However, I soon discovered there were a few more than 10 favorites.  In fact, I ended up with almost 50 photos I would consider favorites.  To put this in perspective, I took 25,247 photos in 2007 with the majority of these Harrison Square-related.  When taking photos, my aim isn’t artistic.  I don’t go for cutesy or contrived photos.  I like photos that show overall views, but also close-up and detailed in nature.  I prefer days that are mostly sunny or a minimum of fluffy-white clouds in the sky.  We seemed to have an abundance of days of this nature this past summer.

Anyway, I pared the list down to 31 and beginning today, will add a new photo each day to the gallery, counting down to my favorite #1 photo taken in 2007.  You will be able to add a ranking and or comment to each photo as it is posted.  I welcome your input.  Some of the photos I selected for last year’s list have not been posted to the world wide web before.  As new photos are taken in 2008, I will select certain photos to be set aside for consideration in the Top 2008 Photos.  These will be added to the gallery in a separate album which will allow viewers to comment/vote on them.  The rankings will be used when considering the 2008 photo list, however, final decision will remain mine. 

So without further ado, here is number 31 of the Top 2007 Photos:

Top 2007 AFW Photos


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