Better late than never….

Hmmmmm, well, usually the City of Fort Wayne’s website is kept up-to-date.  Surfing in today, imagine my surprise when today, almost a month after the event, the City finally posted a news release concerning the November 29, 2007 Harrison Square Groundbreaking.  The press release resides here. 

Now, if they could only get the webcam for the construction site up and running for the long term.  Since it’s inception in November, the camera has many outtages.  It’s currently been down since the 23rd of December.  Right before this, on the 21st of December, there were a couple of photos posted showing the inside of an office.  I’m guessing this was the inside of the construction site offices at the Northwest corner of the Brackenridge and Webster Street intersection.

Luckily for us, work on the construction site was halted for the holidays on December 21st and hasn’t resumed.  Work will probably resume at the earliest on the 2nd of January 2008 or the following Monday.  Hopefully the cam will be up and running permanently before the pouring of concrete begins.


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