2008 Continuity

Mayor-elect Tom Henry has decided to keep 6 key people on in his new administration which starts the 1st of January.  This is according to Benjamin Lanka’s article in the Journal Gazette on-line.  Those keeping their jobs will be:

  • Deputy Mayor Mark Becker
  • Controller Pat Roller
  • City Attorney Carol Taylor
  • Police Chief Rusty York
  • Fire Chief Pete Kelly
  • Director of Community Development John Urbahns

This is probably the best thing Mayor-elect Henry could have done.  To have changed key-administration personnel completely in the middle of a project as complex as Harrison Square would have wreaked havoc somewhere along the line.  Each of the above persons has demonstrated their talents, skills and abilities many times over.  Whether you are in support of the project or not, to have pulled a deal together in this short of a period of time, speaks volumes about those involved – on both sides of the table.

Congratulations to all and our city!

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