Harrison Square Concrete Bids

The bids for the Stadium and Concourse Concrete work were opened Wednesday by the Redevelopment Commission.  The lowest bid came in just under $4.1 million from The Hagerman Group which will also be building The Harrison.  The City had estimated the concrete work to run $4.7 million according to Ben Lanka at the Journal Gazette.  The contract will be awarded at today’s Redevelopment Commission meeting.  Also on the agenda:

Resolution 2007-92 – Approving the transfer of Harrison Square Real Estate to the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority

Resolution 2007-93 – Approving a contract with W.A. Sheets

Resolution 2007-94 – Approving a modification to a contract with Bonar & Associates

The Journal Gazette article is here.  Mr. Lanka states that the bid is almost half a million under the City’s estimate which is money saved.  However, the money saved may be put back into the project to take upgrades on certain features not originally accounted for in the initial plans if the project comes in under budget.  The contract approval with W.A. Sheets is for the parking garage.

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