206 E Jefferson upates


The site was to be cleared this morning and demolition of 1111 South Clinton Street should have occurred.  There were some large heating oil tanks in the basement of 206 E Jefferson which had been topped off, but never used.

The curious thing to me about this building being demolished is that I found more architectural significance in this one building than those lining the 1000 Block of Broadway which earlier this year were designated as a historic preservation district.  No public outcry was heard for this demolition.   I was not inside the building, but the front porch, although in need of repair and a good cleaning, had an interesting tile floor.  There was a lot of ornamentation around the top of the house.  I can only guess if there was anything inside the house of interest.  Add to this the double brick walls, and in fact, the workers told me today some of the walls were 3 or 4 bricks thick and you have to wonder if we didn’t just tear down another valuable building in our City’s fabric.


One other question, what happened to the mural on the old dry cleaner building?  It was still there the morning of its’ demolition.  I hope someone saved it.

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