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Solid waste rate proposal to be presented to City Council

Today, the City of Fort Wayne Indiana Administration announced a solid waste rate resolution and ordinance will be introduced to City Council on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

City of Fort Wayne garbage and recycling update

The City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste Department today provided an update on the collection of garbage and recycling by Red River.

City Councilmen outline garbage plan, urge leadership from the Mayor

Today, Fort Wayne City Councilman Jehl held a briefing calling for the Mayor to take immediate action to stabilize the current garbage collection service.

City update on Red River situation

Today, the City of Fort Wayne Board of Public Works approved a resolution that allows for the City to seek bids for a new garbage and recycling hauler once an agreement with Red River is reached in bankruptcy court.

Councilman Jehl urges action with garbage collection issues

Fort Wayne City Councilmen Russell Jehl and Tom Didier held a briefing this morning to publicly address the continued issues with Red River and the City of Fort Wayne’s attention to this ongoing problem.

City of Fort Wayne update regarding garbage and recycling collection

Update from the City of Fort Wayne as continued delays with the collection of garbage and recycling materials continues.

Fort Wayne City Council meeting tonight – 2/23/2021

The Fort Wayne City Council meets in both Committee and Regular Sessions this evening at 5:30 pm.

Candidate Smith’s City Management Plan

Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith released his city management plan today.

Smith on City's Contract Negotiation

Mayoral Candidate Tim Smith Statement City's Contract Negotiation.

City update on garbage pickups

The City of Fort Wayne today provided an update on garbage and recycling collection efforts in the city and steps that are being taken to improve services to residents and neighborhoods.