Plan Commission meeting tonight – 6/21/2021

Rendering of the Electric Works phase 2 project. Image provided by RTM Ventures, LLC.

The Fort Wayne Plan Commission meets this evening at 5:30 pm in Suite 150 of Citizens Square.

The Electric Works, phase 2 Rezoning Request and Primary Development Plans are up for approval/disapproval. A public hearing was held last Monday, June 14, 2021. Several people spoke in favor of the project, however, parking and traffic concerns were raised.

From the Plan Commission staff report:

STAFF RECOMMENDATION: “Do Pass” of Rezoning Petition REZ-2021-0022 for the following reasons:

  1. Approval of the rezoning request will be in substantial compliance with the City of Fort Wayne Comprehensive Plan, and should not establish an undesirable precedent in the area. The UC/Urban Corridor zoning district will allow the site to develop with new uses compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and allow reinvestment to support the Electric Works campus. This proposal will provide infill development using existing infrastructure.
  2. Approval of the request will not have an adverse impact on the current conditions in the area, or the character of current structures and uses in the area. Site plan review from the Plan Commission and staff will ensure a compatible development that complements the area.
  3. Approval is consistent with the preservation of property values in the area. This proposal represents a potential $106.5 million investment in what is currently an underutilized area. Proposed uses have been chosen to enhance the surrounding neighborhood and create more housing choices for local employees and to provide support services.
  4. Approval is consistent with responsible development and growth principles based on existing uses and infrastructure in the area. Review by City engineering departments indicates that the site can be developed for the proposed uses and adequate infrastructure is available to service the site.
  5. STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Conditional Approval contingent upon the developer satisfying the conditions of the Development Plan Committee and the following:

    1. Approval of Rezoning Petition REZ-2021-0022 will be received by Common Council.
    2. Approval of the vacation of Jackson Street and affected alleys will be received by Common Council.
    3. Primary approval will be received from the appropriate reviewing agencies.
    4. The secondary development plan will be reviewed through the site plan routing review process.
    5. The following waivers are/are not approved:
      • Allow a maximum building setback of 70 feet from the northwest corner to the west property line across Jackson Street (private portion);
      • Allow a maximum building setback of 35 feet from the north corner of the west façade on Union Street;
      • Allow a maximum building setback of 31 feet from the south corner of the west façade on Union Street;
      • Allow a maximum building setback of 28 feet from the southeast corner of the garage to Broadway;
    6. Final landscape plans will be reviewed and approved by Plan Commission staff for species and spacing.

    If the Rezoning Request is approved, it will then be submitted to the Fort Wayne City Council for final determination.

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