Snow hampering garbage collection efforts

garbage collection

A news release from the City of Fort Wayne asking residents to keep alleys clear of vehicles to aid trash and recycling trucks.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Moving Slowly Due to Snow in Alleys
Trash and recycling not collected this week will be collected next week

Fort Wayne, Indiana (February 19, 2021) – Due to the large amount of snowfall in the area this week, some alleys have become impassable and trash and recycling trucks have been getting stuck in the snow. Citizens are urged to remove any vehicles parked in their alleys that may be obstructing snow removal and garbage and recycling collection. City of Fort Wayne crews have moved small plows and loaders into the impassable alleys to remove the snow, but with the large amount of snow, and ice underneath the snow, it is a slow process. Any alleys that aren’t serviced this week will be serviced next week. Citizens are urged to be patient.

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