City named first B20 Club of Indiana member

B20 Club of Indiana City of Fort Wayne Indiana

City of Fort Wayne news release concerning the B20 Club of Indiana:

City of Fort Wayne Indiana named first member of B20 Club of Indiana

FORT WAYNE INDIANA (January 11, 2021) – The City of Fort Wayne has been inducted as the first member of the B20 Club of Indiana. The recognition is from the American Lung Association and the Indiana Soybean Alliance for Fort Wayne’s use of biodiesel fuel.

Fort Wayne is the longest-running municipality in Indiana to use biodiesel fuel in its fleet of vehicles dating back to 2003. Nearly 400 municipal vehicles run on biodiesel through the City’s Fleet Department. Public Works, City Utilities, Fort Wayne Police Department, and Fort Wayne Fire Department have large pieces of equipment that operate with biodiesel.

“We’re honored to be part of an effort that is making a lasting and meaningful difference,” said Larry Campbell, fleet director, City of Fort Wayne. “I want to thank the men and women of the Fleet Department and our partner organizations. By working together we’ve been able to enhance services to the residents of Fort Wayne in an environmentally-friendly manner.

“The American Lung Association is proud to partner with the Indiana Soybean Alliance to recognize the City of Fort Wayne for its long-standing efforts to reduce emissions and combat climate change with B20, a cleaner-burning blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% ultra-low sulfur diesel,” said Bailey Arnold, Senior Manager of Clean Air Initiatives for the American Lung Association. “We look forward to working with the City to promote its efforts and the use of clean, renewable biodiesel in Indiana.”

Highlights of results of the City’s commitment to biodiesel, which is aimed reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and improving the overall health of residents:

  • Prevention of the release of 90 pounds of particulate matter each year
  • Prevention of the release of 154 pounds of hydrocarbons each year
  • Prevention of the release of 492 pounds of carbon monoxide each year
  • Prevention of the release of 966,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year

The City’s Fleet Department has become a nationally-recognized leader in best practices for fleet management and for being proactive in utilizing alternative fuels to be good stewards of the environment and save money for taxpayers. The Fleet Department is part of the Public Works Division.

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