101 City employees recognized for years of service

City of Fort Wayne news release:

Mayor Henry recognizes 101 City employees for years of service

(December 10, 2020) – Mayor Tom Henry has recognized milestone years of service for 101 City of Fort Wayne employees.

“It’s an honor to serve alongside individuals who are committed to providing excellent public service,” said Mayor Henry. “This year, more than any other due to COVID-19, our employees have encountered unique challenges and have continued to perform admirably. By working together, we’re helping ensure our residents, neighborhoods, and businesses get the services they need and expect.”

The following individuals were honored:

45 years

  • Gary Merriman, Water Pollution Control Maintenance

40 years

  • Sharon Parks, Neighborhood Code
  • Johnnie Robinson Jr., Water Pollution Control Maintenance

35 years

  • William Bragg, Water Maintenance
  • William Corn, Police
  • Peggy Gaskill, Police Civilians
  • Joan Guevara, Customer Support
  • Melanie Hickman, Police Civilians
  • James Murua, Fire
  • Karl Niblick, Police
  • Susan Ulrich, Police
  • Kevin Zelt, Police

30 years

  • Christine Camp, Police
  • Civilians Vernon Criswell, Police
  • Calvin DuBose, Police
  • Alan Garriott, Police
  • Michele Gerke, Water Filtration Plant
  • Matthew Gray, Street Project Management
  • Jeffery Grundy, Street Department
  • Victoria Jahn, Water Filtration Plant
  • Howard Johnson, Police
  • Bryan Keister, Parks and Recreation Department
  • Matthew Kocks, Fire
  • Russell McCurdy, Fire
  • Thomas Ransom, Parks and Recreation Department
  • Miguel Rosales, Fire
  • Christopher Schubert, Police
  • Timothy Selvia, Police
  • Gary Wattenbarger, Water Maintenance
  • Mark Wentz, Police
  • Wesley Wiederkehr, Fire
  • Lisa Williams, Police

25 years

  • Valerie Ahr, Controller’s Office
  • Jason Bales, Fire
  • Todd Battershell, Police
  • Scott Bell, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
  • Rhonda Berg, Parks and Recreation Department
  • Jeffrey Berning, Fire
  • Amy Biggs, Fire
  • Timothy Bobay, Police
  • Kevin Bradford, Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Jason Brown, Police
  • Amy Brumett, CCP
  • Pamela Burns, Neighborhood Code
  • Steven Butz, Police Civilians
  • Tyree Carr, Police
  • Casey Cassidy, Fire
  • Shane Coleman, Police
  • Leann Cummins, Customer Support
  • Lance Dafforn, Fire
  • Laura DeKonick, Neighborhood Code
  • Anthony Divita, Fire
  • John Drummer, Police
  • Dustin Engelman, Police
  • Michael Epps, Police
  • Trent Farrell, Police
  • Michael Fletcher, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
  • Sherese Fortriede, Community Development
  • Stephanos Gersos, Police
  • Michael Glymph, Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Craig Gregory, Police
  • Ilene Grindle, Police Civilians
  • Michael Harley, Fire
  • Shane Hopkins, Police
  • Kenneth Johnson, Police
  • Thomas Kadlec, Animal Care & Control
  • Craig Kiger, Police
  • Brian Lawson, Fire
  • Joseph Lyon, Police
  • James McIntosh II, Fire
  • Anthony Miller, Street Department
  • Janet Moore, Street Department
  • Mark Nelson, Fire
  • David Nelson, Police
  • Andrew Noll, Police
  • Chrystopher O’Connor, Police
  • Jason Palm, Police
  • Robin Pfeiffer, Police
  • Lisa Ramos, City Utilities Engineering
  • Michael Reichard, Radio Shop
  • Scott Renninger, Fire
  • Miguel Riviera, Police
  • Thomas Rotering, Fire
  • Grady Roush, Fire
  • Bradley Schultz, Police
  • James Seay, Police
  • Jason Snyder, Police
  • Dean Sorg, Fire
  • Civilians Curtis Stephens, Street Department
  • Larry Tague Jr., Police
  • John Taylor, Water Maintenance
  • Stephen Tegtmeyer, Police
  • Jodi Terman, CCP
  • Bryan Thurman, Police
  • William Turriff, Police
  • Charles Volz, Police
  • Chad Wagner, Police
  • James Wenglikowski, Police
  • Derrick Westfield, Police
  • Robert Wilcox Jr., Police
  • Cary Young, Police

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