Police Reform and Racial Justice Comm’n update

Fort Wayne Police Department news release:

Mayor’s Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice Update on Activities and Recommendations

(December 9, 2020) – The Mayor’s Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice, chaired by Councilwoman Michelle Chambers, has spent the last several months gathering information, hearing from concerned parties, and considering ways for the community to move forward together after the unrest of early summer. The Commission has spent significant time discussing topics ranging from public safety budgeting and Internal Affairs procedures to state statutes governing body cameras and citizen review boards.

The Commission is currently in the process of preparing formal recommendations expected to be presented in early 2021. The Commission has focused on 3 primary areas for the recommendations: race relations, communication, and departmental transparency. The FWPD’s compliance with programs such as 8 Can’t Wait also will be addressed.

Says Councilwoman Chambers, “The Commission members have been working together collectively towards a common goal of listening, learning and leaning in to address Community and FWPD policing concerns. We are a city comprised of good people, a good public safety force, but, we are a city in transition and we will be even greater as we continue to lean in and work towards being “stronger together”. I applaud the work this group has done thus far and I look forward to providing our recommendations to the Mayor the first quarter of 2021.”

The Commission will continue to meet into the new year to finalize the recommendations.

Information about the Commission’s progress, educational information, and videos of past meetings can be found at https://www.cityoffortwayne.org/commission-on-police-reform-and-racial-justice.html.

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