FWPD: Industrial fire, Fourier Drive

Fort Wayne Fire Department news release:

Industrial fire, Fourier Drive

(December 9, 2020) – While investigating an entry alarm the Fort Wayne Police Department discovered a working structure fire in a large commercial building in the 4100 block of Fourier Drive. The fire spread quickly into the void spaces of the structure and traveled the entire length of the walls and roof. It took many hours to find all of the hidden fire and extinguish it. The structure itself was covered in thick steel siding which made it more difficult to gain access to the hidden fire and required the firefighters to use rotary saws to breach the walls.

In all, at least twelve fire apparatus and around fifty firefighters worked to extinguish the fire with assistance from FWPD Drone Unit, AEP, NIPSCO, ACBD, and TRAA.

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