Zombie Central and Walk cancelled

Downtown Improvement District news release:

2020: The Year to Distance

(September 20, 2020) – Straight from the pages of a paperback thriller comes the tale of a year that you will not soon forget (though you may want to) and will chill you to your very core. In the thriving Downtown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, a worldwide pandemic seeks to destroy the fun of Fright Night for all. However, a team of survivors set out to once again combat the forces of darkness that seek to exterminate the spirit of Halloween. Our fearless team must find a way to keep the Fright Night spirit alive, despite the fact that Zombie Central, the Zombie Walk headquarters, has been shut down. Can they do it despite the cancellation of the Zombie Walk? How will they rise above the malaise and cabin fever?! Stay tuned for updates in the next chapter of the tale of Fright Night 2020: The Year to DISTANCE!

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