Absentee apps sent by political parties

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Allen County Board of Elections news release:

Absentee Applications by Mail sent by State Political Parties

(September 8, 2020) – Allen County voters may receive unsolicited applications to vote by mail from the State political parties in the coming weeks, causing those who have already sent an application to the Election Board to question why they are getting another application. Beth Dlug, Allen County director of elections says this type of mailing is a normal practice during a general election.

“I want to assure voters that the political parties do, as a regular practice, send out applications for mailed absentee ballots before a general election,” said Dlug. “These are applications for a ballot, not the actual ballot, so voters should not be concerned if they get them in the mail if they have not asked for one. These are legitimate applications and can be used to request a ballot.” Dlug noted that the return address for these applications is in Indianapolis, and suggested that if a voter uses the form, they send them directly to the local office, rather than Indianapolis, cutting down on handling and mailing time.

Dlug also said that if a voter has already sent an application to the Election Board there is no reason to send in another application. The first round of ballots will be sent on September 18, so voters with an application on file with the Election Board will not receive a ballot until after that date. Over 13,000 absentee ballot applications have already been approved by the Allen County Election Board for the November 3 election.

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