Absentee ballots send to Allen County voters

Mailing ballots for the 2020 General Election
Allen County Board of Election workers mailing the first batch of 2020 General Election ballots. Photo courtesy of the Allen County Board of Elections.

Allen County Board of Elections news release:

Mailed Ballots sent to Allen County Voters

(September 18, 2020) – 18,915 ballots were mailed to voters this morning during the first push of absentee ballots for Allen County voters. After today’s date, ballots will be sent the same day that applications are received and approved up through the deadline of October 22.

“We mailed a total of 10,251 ballots during the entire 2016 Presidential Election,” said Beth Dlug, director of elections, “so this number for the first push in September is extraordinary. We expect to continue to break processing records for mailed absentee ballots through the deadline.”

Dlug also said that voters who have requested a mailed ballot by today can expect to see them in the next week. She urged voters to complete the ballots, and get them back to the Election Board as soon as possible. Ballots can be mailed back to the office at 1 E Main, Suite 172, or dropped off at the Election Board office in person, which is temporarily relocated to the Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Ave. Only the voter, member of the voter’s household, or the voter’s attorney‐in‐fact can return a ballot in person at the Election Board’s office. Voters can track the status of their returned ballots at the state’s website.

In person voting will begin on October 6 at the Memorial Coliseum. Satellite voting begins on October 26 at Indiana Wesleyan, Public Safety Academy, Rousseau Centre and Salomon Farm Park.

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