Police Reform and Racial Justice Comm Statement

Mayor’s Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice Releases Vision and Mission Statement

(August 15, 2020) – After working for several weeks on education and organization, the Mayor’s Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice, chaired by Councilwoman Michelle Chambers and comprised of leaders from involved sectors of the community, is pleased to release both the Commission Vision Statement and Mission Statement. These statements will serve as the framework for the work that the Commission is committed to doing moving forward. Said Councilwoman Chambers, “I thank this group for their commitment to excellence and I’m extremely proud of the work they are doing. It is important that we, as the Commission, understand the goals in guiding ourselves to advocate for fair and equitable change in Fort Wayne.”

The Commission’s Vision Statement is: The Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice’s purpose is to help create positive and meaningful change that brings forth racial equity and peace to all Fort Wayne residents, especially those who are Black, people of color, or marginalized, to ensure everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued.

The Commission’s Mission Statement is: The Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice, through community dialogue and engagement, will provide recommendations and feedback to the Administration and Fort Wayne Common Council on policies, practices and procedures related to the City of Fort Wayne’s public safety division.

Information about the Commission’s progress, educational information, and videos of past meetings can be found at https://www.cityoffortwayne.org/commission-on-police-reform-and-racial-justice.html.

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