ACDH COVID-19 update – 6/12/2020

Allen County Department of Health news release:

June 12: Allen County COVID-19 Update

(June 12, 2020) – Another Allen County resident has died from COVID-19 and 52 have tested positive, bringing the total to 2,088 cases and 84 deaths Friday.

Updates to positive cases and deaths in Allen County are found at the top of the Department’s COVID-19 webpage and will be time-stamped to keep the public informed with the latest local data.

Basic demographic information on Allen County cases is provided on the website and will be updated at least once a week.

Because of delays in private lab reporting to the state, the case count provided by the Indiana State Department of Health may not always immediately match Allen County’s case numbers.

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  1. I’m glad to read the statements submitted by MHRC regarding the death of Mr Floyd and others murdered, in my opinion by police offers, I.e., Arian Nation Cops in this area and this country.
    I’m calling for Marches for Peace in America and I applaud these individuals taking a stand against violence in our communities in this land of opportuniy. I hope and pray that that the violence will stop.
    We don’t seem to have the attention of our government but they should realize WE ARE THE PEOPLE and we know that by marching we can use our voices in hope for change. Bravo MHRC it’s good to hear your voice again. Take a stand for those who have no voice, we are listening to you.


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