All In Allen survey questions

The first public meeting for the All in Allen project was held tonight at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in downtown Fort Wayne tonight.

This article will not be a full recap of the meeting, but rather a listing of the audience questions that helped to guide the panel discussion.

On the panel were: Mark Becker of BECKERConsulting; Rachel Blakeman, Community Research Institute Director at Purdue University Fort Wayne; Réna Bradley, Community Development Director at Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries Center; and Kristi Sturtz, President of Sturtz Public Management Group. The moderator was Brandon Nolan with Houseal Lavigne. Houseal Lavigne is the group leading the planning process.

The questions were displayed on two screens in the front of the room. Audience members were invited to login to a website and participate by selecting their answers to the questions. The results were compiled in real-time on the screens. The moderator then asked for comments from the panelists. Following is a list of the questions, the response options, and the results ranked in order.

What should the plan do for Allen County’s suburban and rural and communities?

  1. Extend infrastructure/services
  2. Protect environmental areas
  3. Protect agriculture lands
  4. Encourage new development
  5. Maintain rural character
  6. What type of new development would you most like to see in Fort Wayne and Allen County?

    1. Townhomes/apartments/multi-families
    2. Retail entertainment
    3. Manufacturing/industrial
    4. Single family residential
    5. Other

    What is the biggest transportation related issue facing Fort Wayne and Allen County?

    1. Public transport
    2. Pedestrian and bicycle connectivity
    3. Parking
    4. Traffic and congestion
    5. Other

    What are the most significant housing needs facing Fort Wayne and Allen County?

    1. Affordable
    2. Provide a variety of housing types
    3. Aging in place
    4. Housing quality
    5. Other

    More will be posted in the next couple of days.

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