Goshen Avenue moves forward

Goshen Avenue Roundabout rendering
Rendering of the Goshen Avenue roundabout. Provided by the City of Fort Wayne.

Another Turn in the Lincoln Highway
Road Adapts, to Strengthen Neighborhood Connection

(August 1, 2019) — Goshen Avenue has a long history that’s seen many changes over the years. In 1913, the road was known as the Lincoln Highway and was outside of the City limits. In the mid-20s, it became U.S. 33 until that route moved over to follow the Coliseum Boulevard bypass. Today, it’s an urban street with city neighborhoods, nearby schools, churches, and a business corridor.

This morning, Mayor Tom Henry joined residents and area supporters to break ground for Phase I of the Goshen Avenue improvement project. This new chapter takes the road from a highway to an urban street that will meet the needs of motorists and pedestrians.

“The new roundabout at Five Points will enhance traffic flow and safety as we make upgrades to the Goshen Avenue corridor,” said Mayor Henry. “A commitment to investing in infrastructure improvements positions Fort Wayne as a leader in economic development opportunities, new jobs, quality of life amenities, and strong neighborhoods.”

Phase I of the Goshen improvement project will meet the needs of the urban environment. Stretching from State Boulevard to Cambridge Boulevard this comprehensive project will spruce up the area and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

A roundabout will improve traffic flow at the five-legged intersection of Goshen, Sherman Boulevard and Lillian Avenue. From Sherman to Cambridge, a dedicated center turn-lane will be added to serve nearly 50 businesses along the corridor. This stretch of road does not have sidewalks, but the project will add sidewalks, curbs and ADA ramps on both sides of the street, connecting pedestrians to neighborhoods and businesses.

New, decorative LED lighting will be added throughout the project along with trees and shrubs, new stormwater pipes and green infrastructure to control runoff, and new water mains.

An improved entrance and exit to the Foellinger Theatre parking area will also be constructed with the project.

Contractor, Primco Inc., will lead the Goshen Avenue project that will be in progress over two construction seasons, with completion expected in the fall of 2020.

Future Goshen Corridor phases call for enhancements all the way to Coliseum Boulevard. Goshen Avenue becomes Goshen Road west of Harris Road.

More than 18,500 vehicles enter the five-legged intersection each day. Visit cityoffortwayne.org/Goshen for project updates.


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