First day for Fire and Police recruit classes

The new FWPD and FWFD recruit classes
The Fort Wayne Police Department’s 64th recruit class on the left and the Fort Wayne Fire Department’s 91st recruit class on the right. FWPD Chief Steve Reed is on the far left with Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry in the middle and FWFD Chief Eric Lahey on the far right. Photo was taken February 4, 2019 at the Public Safety Academy.

News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mayor Tom Henry welcomes FWPD and FWFD recruits to first day of classes

(February 4, 2019) – Today, Mayor Tom Henry welcomed 24 Fort Wayne Police Department recruits and 11 Fort Wayne Fire Department recruits to their first day of training at the Public Safety Academy.
“Public safety is a top priority and continuing to grow our outstanding police and fire personnel is imperative to ensure our residents and businesses are as safe as possible,” said Mayor Henry. “I continue to be impressed with the leadership efforts in our public safety divisions as they constantly strive to enhance their level of service.”
The FWPD’s 64th recruit class is comprised of:

  • 16 Males/Caucasian
  • 3 Males/Hispanic
  • 1 Male/Asian
  • 1 Male/African-American
  • 3 Females/Caucasian

“I am proud to give these men and women the opportunity to honorably serve our community,” said Police Chief Steve Reed. “The future can only be secured through those who are willing to step up and serve.”
The FWFD’s 91st recruit class is comprised of:

  • 5 Males/Caucasian
  • 2 Males/African-American
  • 1 Male/Asian
  • 1 Male/2 or more races
  • 1 Female/Caucasian
  • 1 Female/2 or more races

“The Fort Wayne Fire Department is excited to begin the 91st recruit class this week,” said Fire Chief Eric Lahey. “Our new firefighters will be trained in Firefighting, EMS, Hazardous Materials, and many other life-saving skills. They will enter the Academy as individuals, and after months of being challenged both physically and mentally, they will leave as part of the Fort Wayne Fire Department team.”
The FWPD recruits will be required to complete 21 weeks of academy training, and FWFD recruits are required to complete 20 weeks of academy training, before graduating.

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