Townsend enters At-Large race

Statement from Republican Joe Townsend on his announcement he has entered the Fort Wayne City Council At-Large race:

(January 16, 2019) – On Tuesday I was pleased to have announced my candidacy along with Tim Smith for mayor, whom I am pleased to have endorsed me. We are both outsiders who are dedicated to bringing Conservative leadership to Fort Wayne.
My campaign revolves around 5 basic ideas:

  1. Life begins at conception and ends at natural death.
  2. Non-profits and the private sector can do a better job meeting the needs of people than can the government.
  3. All neighborhoods, regardless of zip code, should be safe.
  4. We need to be transparent and available to our constituents.
  5. We need to spend taxpayer’s dollars wisely.

The current council has passed a tax increase, a wheel tax increase, and raised water rates. All while spending millions in the name of “downtown redevelopment.” We need to focus on fully staffing the police and infrastructure in our neighborhoods, first and foremost.
I look forward to being an added Conservative vote on City Council.


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