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News release from the Electric Works developers:

Electric Works announces public tours, summer programming

(May 1, 2018) – Electric Works will begin offering tours of its campus to the general public, starting this week.
Tours open to the general public will begin May 2 and be held at 10:30am on Tuesdays and 4:30pm Wednesdays each week in May. Tours will be hosted by members of the project development team, who will be available to answer questions and provide updates and important information about the project. Tours are free, open to the public and limited to a maximum of 25 people per tour; registrants are only required to review safety information and complete a liability waiver.
Tours will cover the West Campus, which encompasses all of what will be Phase 1 of the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of the former General Electric campus in downtown Fort Wayne. Phase 1 will include more than 600,000 square feet dedicated to office, education, retail, restaurants / food hall / public market, innovation space and residential.
“We continue to experience incredible public support of, and interest in, Electric Works,” explained Josh Parker of RTM Ventures. “So we are very excited to continue engaging with people from throughout the city, county and region – as well as to share our vision for Electric Works and help the community see firsthand the transformational potential of this project.”
In addition to tours now available to the general public, the development hosted a special tour on May 1 with members of the Quarter Century Club, a group of longtime employees and retirees from the former General Electric campus.
The tours highlight a host of summer programming and events open to the public. Highlights include neighborhood block parties on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons, which will feature free games and creative activities on Swinney Avenue in front of the former GE Club, as well as curated and destination-themed community walks each Wednesday evening; both events are expected to begin in late May or early June.
Those interested in signing up for public tours – as well as learning more about summer programming and events at Electric Works – can do so at


About Electric Works
Electric Works is a mixed-use district of innovation, energy and culture, developed as a public/private partnership between RTM Ventures and the City of Fort Wayne. A redevelopment and reuse of the former General Electric campus in downtown Fort Wayne, Electric Works includes 39 acres, 18 historic buildings and more than 1.2 million square feet of space for office, educational, innovation, retail, residential, hotel and entertainment uses. For more information, visit the Electric Works website.


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