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News release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:
Commissioners Statement on County Funding for the Electric Works Project

(April 13, 2018) – The Allen County Board of Commissioners today released the following statement with regards to the county’s position on funding for the Electric Works project:

Allen County government is cognizant of the impact a thriving downtown Fort Wayne can have on our community as a whole. We have been happy to play a leadership role in development projects such as the boutique hotel, Riverview development and Hall’s Restaurant relocation by providing direct funding or in-kind land donations which are making these transformative ideas realities. The Electric Works project which has garnered much attention offers significant revitalization opportunities for the downtown area. Yesterday, Mayor Henry indicated during a news conference his intention to “work with Allen County to secure their financial commitment for the project.” Allen County pledged $1 million in funds last December to Electric Works developers — a pledge the county intends to honor. While no specific request for additional assistance has been made to the county, there are a number of questions which need to be answered and details which must be addressed before any more county funds can be committed. To that end, we hope Mayor Henry and officials with the Electric Works project will meet with commissioners and members of County Council so we can gain a better understanding of their funding sources and how we might best continue in our leadership role. We understand time is of the essence. However, any decisions we make must take into account what is best not only for downtown Fort Wayne but for all citizens of Allen County.

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