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News release from the Allen County Commissioners:

New alert system comes to Fort Wayne and Allen County

(February 6, 2017) – Quick and efficient communication with the public can make all the difference in an emergency. Thanks to a new alert system, public safety officials in Fort Wayne and Allen County hope to achieve that.

At a news conference today, officials with the city, county and the Consolidated Communications Partnership announced the implementation of a new county-wide emergency notification system known as Swift911.

“Public Safety is such an important quality of how we live our lives in Allen County,” noted County Commissioner Nelson Peters. “Being able to mobilize quickly allows us to better protect our citizens. Swift 911 will allow us to better communicate with those we serve to enhance the safety of our community.”

“Public safety is critical to the current and future success of our city, county and region,” added Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry. “I’m encouraged by the collaboration that took place to make this innovative project possible. By working together, we can make a positive difference.”

Swift911, which is part of the SwiftReach Networks, is a high speed notification program capable of delivering pre-recorded messages to the entire community via telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. Swift911 is also integrated with a GIS mapping system so specific and defined areas of the city or county can also be alerted if necessary. Residents and businesses can add, update or remove their information from the system whenever they choose.

“In the event of an emergency, this system will allow public safety officials to provide timely, accurate information to the public,” said Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed.

“Our dispatchers strive to keep the citizens of Fort Wayne and Allen County safe and to send emergency assistance where needed,” said Randy Raypole, executive director of the CCP. “This tool will allow us to quickly send out vital information to the public.”

Residents can receive alerts by registering via the Swift911 web portal on the websites of the city, county, Fort Wayne Police or Allen County Sheriff’s departments — or by downloading the Swift911 Public app on their smartphones and registering within the app.


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